Azure Infra

Azure Resource Group and Network Security Group

Azure Virtual Network

Azure Virtual Machines

Create a Windows 10 Virtual Machine

Create a SQL Server Windows VM

Create an Azure Windows Server Datacenter VM

Use Chocolatey in Windows Powershell to Install Programs

Copy Files to an Azure Windows VM

Azure Storage/DB

Create an Azure Blob Storage and Container

Create an Azure SQL Database

Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory Pricing


Create an Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory Linked Service

Azure Data Factory Dataset

Azure Data Factory Self-Hosted Integration Runtime

Azure Data Factory Scheduling

Azure Data Factory Parameters


Azure Data Factory Data Flow

Build a Pipeline with Azure Data Factory

Copy a table from on-premise server to Azure Data Factory

Power BI


Set up PowerBI in an Azure VM

PowerBI with Azure SQL Database

Power BI Publish to a Website

Deploy a Power BI Model to Azure Analysis Services

Power BI Service

Create a Power BI Service Individual Account

Create a GitHub Dashboard with PowerBI Service

Using Power BI

Create a Hierarchy with Path and Lookupvalue

Using DAX Studio to query the Power BI model or develop DAX measures

Power BI Design Techniques


Data Naming Conventions

Unsolved Mysteries

Cannot copy files between Azure VMs in the same Vnet

Power BI freezes on Windows Azure VM, RDP from Linux