This requires PowerBI Pro.

  • Go to your PBI service. Left Menu/Apps. Get Apps.
  • Select Githb Repository Usage.

Githb Repository Usage App

This is the description of the app:

“Visualize different types of repository usage: commits, active users, traffic and more.”

  • Click on “Get It Now”.
  • A popup opens to confirm your details.
  • If you don’t have PowerBI Pro, it will show a popup ‘Upgrade to Power BI Pro’.
  • Select Buy Now or Try Free (for 60 days).
  • You might need to repeat the steps if nothing is loaded on the page.
  • A popup should say “Install this Power BI app? (Github Repository Usage)”.
  • Click “Install”

On the Apps tab (left menu), the app is listed as Github. Click on the app.

By default it says “You are viewing this app with sample data.” With a link to “Connect your data”. It is unclear at this point what dataset or repo was used or if it’s dummy data.

I would like to know:

  • Who are the top 50 users by group (MS employees or external)? Then find out commit frequency by group.
  • What are the common commit subjects? What are they committing about?
  • Which day of the week do they commit the most by group?

Explore the dashboard

It looks like the dashboard is focused on PR and Issues. However, it’s still not clear which repo is this data from. The data I am interested in, is in the tile Commits. It shows Total commits vs Month-Year. I would like to at least see Total Commits vs Day of the week.

On the top right of the tile, click on the three dots and select Go to report.

Click on the visual Commits. It shows these Filters on the right: Date, MonthYear, Total commits is greater than 0. I want to change the X-axis to Day of the week.

On the top right menu, browse to Personalize this visual. On the popup Personalize, change the X-axis field MonthYear to DayName. The visual is updated but the X-axis only shows Sunday data. Why?

Something is not right with Commits

There isn’t a filter enabled that has only Sunday selected by default. Change the value from DayName to DayOfWeek. I’d assume it showed the numbers 1 to 7 on the X-axis. However, it only shows the number 1.

Change the field back to DayName.

Change the Date field (from X-axis) by clicking the three dots and selecting