How to create an Azure Blob Storage and containers.

Create a Storage Account

  • Go to the Azure portal
  • Create resource
  • Search for Storage account
  • Click on Create
  • Select resource group
  • Add a storage account name
  • Select the same region as the resource group
  • Performance: Standard
  • Redundancy: Locally-redundant storage (LRS)
  • Review other options to your needs
  • Click Next until Create

Create a container

  • Once the storage account is deployed
  • Create Container
  • Enter a name and OK
  • Upload a CSV dataset to this container

More about containers

  • You cannot rename a container. You would have to create a new container and move the data from one to the other
  • You cannot directly add a folder inside a container. But you can enter a folder name while uploading the files.

Preview the CSV file from the container

  • If the file is too big to be previewed from the container. You get this error:
    • Go to the Container
    • Click on the CSV file
    • On the right menu, click Edit
    • Error example: File size of 108.MB exceeds max supported file size of 2.1MB

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