How to create an Azure SQL Database.

Create an Azure SQL Server

  • Go to Azure and search SQL servers
  • Click Create
  • Select/create the Resource group
  • Enter a server name
  • Select the same location as the resource group
  • Authentication method, select Use both SQL and Azure AD authentication
  • Set an Azure AD admin by searching the AD group you created above.
  • Create a server admin login/pwd
  • Networking
    • Firewall rules
    • Allow Azure services and resources to access this server
    • Set to Yes
  • Additional Settings
    • Enable MS Defender for SQL set to Not now
    • Enabling this will cost $15/server/month

SQL Server set up Firewall

  • Go to the SQL Server
  • Security
  • Networking

External client:

  • You can set a firewall rule to allow connecting from your external client
  • Public network access should be in Selected networks
  • Then create a firewall rule with your IP number (start and end can be the same)

Azure client:

  • If your client is in your Azure account, for example an Azure VM
    • Allow Azure services and resources to access this server should be selected.

Create an Azure SQL Database

Optional: Load the sample database AdventureWorksLT.

Once the SQL Server is deployed. Select the size settings that best fits your needs. Here is an example:

  • Open this resource
  • In Overview, click on Create database
  • Subscription, resource group, and server are grayed out, since these are already pre-selected.
  • Enter a Database name like AdventureWorksLT
  • In Want to use SQL elastic pool, leave default No
  • In Compute + Storage
    • Default selected was General Purpose vCore ($372.97 estimated cost/month)
    • Select Configure
      • Change Service Tier to Basic (5 DTUs, 2GB storage, $4.90/mo)
  • Backup storage redundancy
    • Select Locally-redundant backup storage
  • Networking
    • Leave default
  • Security
    • Leave default, unless you want to sign up for MS Defender for SQL