Git and Github with IntelliJ IDE.

For performing git commands I prefer the standalone terminal or the IDE terminal. I also find the diff tool in the IDE much simpler to use than vimdiff.

More about git in my version of Git crash course

Setup a Git repository in IntelliJ

Start IntelliJ.

Get from VCS. Enter the repo URL. Follow other defaults.

Following the videos from Java11 Essential Training in Linkedin Learning. It shows a tab called Local Changes that was moved out of the way in the version I had Ultimate 2021.1.

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Revert back to this interface:

  • Update VCS settings
  • Go to File -> Settings -> Version Control ->Commit
  • Uncheck Use non-modal commit

Checkout a Git branch in IntelliJ

After cloning the repo. The bottom right shows a text with the branch name, for example master.

If a branch already exists, click on this text on the bottom right. On the menu that opens. Drag it upwards to see more.

Checkout a branch:

  • Click on the branch
  • Click on Checkout
  • Bottom left IDE says Checked out new branch <branch name>

After making changes and doing a commit. You can switch branches.

Verify that you are checking out from local or from remote.

If you changed branch 04_09 and did a local commit without pushing to remote. Then try to checkout origin/04_09 you will get this warning:

Local branch '04_09' has commits that do not exist in `origin/04_09'.
Rebase '04_09' onto 'origin/04_09', or drop local commits?

You can see how local and remote branches are organized.

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See the branch diff in IntelliJ

On the bottom left, click on Git and the tab Local Changes. Under Default Changelist. Select the file(s) you changed.

Use Ctrl+D to see Diff.

This will open a window with highlights to see the difference between before and after.

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Git commit in IntelliJ

Once the changes have been checked. Click on the green check mark on the bottom left.

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Enter a commit message and review other options or leave the default.

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Then a message on the bottom left says that a file was committed.

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