I have been studying Git and here is what I learned.

Updated January 2022

  • Last year I used the git branching model as shown here to track versions of a dashboard I built using Google Maps API in GCP, Python, and PowerBI. However I found it hard to follow in a CD environment as described at the beginning of that post. It’s a good process as it’s mentioned, to build software that requires version maintenance. A good example is Kubernetes as seen in the changelog here
  • I moved on to using the recommended Github flow for continuous delivery with JIRA integration.

I also missed the bus when they decided to replace the naming convention from master to main as seen on the github blog here.

Github flow and JIRA

  • Integrate with JIRA
  • Protect main branch
  • From main, create a branch with the JIRA issue ID.
  • Make changes on the branch
  • Create a PR
  • Merge PR
  • Delete branch


Step 1: Pull main changes, create and work on a branch (lookup JIRA’s issue ID), and push the branch.

$ git checkout main
(main)$ git pull
$ git checkout -b ABC-123/add-login
(ABC-123/add-login)$ echo "Something" > awesome.txt
(ABC-123/add-login)$ git commit -m "ABC-123 added awesome"
(ABC-123/add-login)$ git push -u origin ABC-123/add-login

Step 2: Go to Github, create a PR, merge, delete branch. Unless working in a team and branch is protected, assign reviewers to PR, wait for approval, then merge (or team will merge).

Loop to Step 1.

Integrate with JIRA

  • Follow the integration docs here and integrate with Github here
  • The data is automatically linked between JIRA and the repo:
    • If the issue key is in the commit message
    • If the issue key is in the branch name
    • If the issue key is in the PR title or branch name
    • If the issue key is in the title of the review
  • The issue key must have the syntax
    • Exact issue key with uppercase letters a dash and numbers.
    • For example ABC-123
  • When making a commit follow this template:
    • git commit -m "ABC-123 added awesome feature
    • git push origin <branchname>

Protect main branch

  • See best practices for protected branches here and here.
  • When working in a team:
    • Settings/Branches/Branch protection rules/Add rule
    • Type main
      • Require pull request before merging
        • Require approvals