Debug with IntelliJ IDE.

As seen in Java11 Essential Training in Linkedin Learning. Here is a process for debugging with IntelliJ.

Suspend the application at a point in the code. Inspect variables while suspended or evaluate expressions. Then leave debug mode.

Debug with IntelliJ

Go to a line of code and click on the left side margin, next to the line number.

It will show a red dot.

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Click on the bug icon. A new window at the bottom shows debug.

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The left pane shows where you are main:13. The right pane shows the variable values in scope

Click on the step over to run the next line.

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Click on step out to run out of the app. Remove the red dot by clicking on it.

Debug Expressions

Select an expression to see the result

  • Example. Select i1 + i2
  • Right click
  • Evaluate expression
  • Evaluate