How to RDP from Linux to an Azure Virtual Machine.

Install an RDP program in Linux

Install an RDP program to connect to the Windows VM.

An option is Remmina as seen in the docs here.

Install using snap

sudo snap install remmina

Output (Feb 2023):

remmina v1.4.29 from Remmina Upstream Developers

Open the program

  • Create an RDP connection
  • Enter a name
  • Protocol select RDP
  • Server: Enter the public IP address of the Azure VM
  • Enter user and pwd
  • Resolution: Use client resolution
  • Click Save and Connect


  • If it doesn’t connect, go to the VM, then Networking
  • Select the RDP inbound port rules
  • Check that the Source is selecting your IP numbers where you are connecting from.
  • For this tutorial I selected My IP address

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