Loading large datasets with Dask instead of Pandas.

I tried loading an 8GB file with Pandas but it crashed. You can do this with Dask.

More about Dask here

Install Dask with conda:

$ conda install dask

Then setup:

$ python
> import dask.dataframe as dd

Read a CSV the same way as Pandas:

> df = dd.read_csv("file.csv")

First time I tried, I got errors about data types Mismatched dtypes found. I doesn’t infer the data types correctly.

Use dtype and pass a JSON with column names and values:

> df = dd.read_csv("file.csv", dtype={'Column1': int, 'Column2': str})

You can do the same operations as Pandas:

> df.head()
> df.tail()
> df.dtypes

Find other methods:

> dir(df)


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