Installing Visual Studio in an Azure VM.

  • Create an Azure VM
  • Install Visual Studio
  • Install Analysis Services extension
  • Install SQL Server

Create an Azure VM

Create an Azure VM. See details in Create a Windows 10 Virtual Machine in Azure

Start the VM and connect using RDP.

Download Visual Studio

Inside the Windows VM. Download and install Visual Studio Community edition.

When running the install, select package Data storage and processing (Total space required 4GB)

Install Microsoft Analysis Services

Open Visual Studio and continue without code.

  • Menu/Extensions/Manage Extensions
  • Visual Studio Marketplace
    • Search for analysis
    • Select Microsoft Analysis Services Projects
    • It will download a VSIX file. Open this file.
    • Continue to Install
    • If it asks to end processes. Instead, close Visual Studio.

Start Visual Studio again

  • Continue without code
  • File
  • New Project
  • Type analysis
  • The option Analysis Services Tabular Project should be listed.
    • This project type won’t run without SQL Server backend

Install SQL Server

  • Search online for SQL server express
  • Download the latest version from Microsoft
  • Install using Basic
  • After installing then Install SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) to use the UI
    • It will install SSMS + Azure Data Studio