How to setup Jekyll and Pagination.

Jekyll comes with a default plugin jekyll-paginate that you can set by adding the line paginate: 5 to _config.yml. This is the Jekyll doc.

Go to _config.yml and make sure this line is under plugins:

  - jekyll-paginate

Then add another line (outside of plugins):

paginate: 10

If your theme’s index is index.markdown, change it to index.html or you will get this error:

Pagination: Pagination is enabled, but I couldn't find an index.html
page to use as the pagination template. Skipping pagination.

Update your _layouts/home.html. Change this line, from this:

for post in site.posts

To this:

for post in paginator.posts

For pagination links, add the code as shown on Jekyll’s Render the paginated posts. Before the closing endif of if site.posts.size > 0.

You can center the CSS of pagination in assets/main.scss:

.pagination {
	display: flex;
.previous, a.previous {
	flex: 1;
.page_number {
	flex: 1;
next, {
	flex: 1;