Moved from Fedora to Ubuntu back to Fedora then Ubuntu again.

Here is my OS progression over the years.

Windows to Apple to Ubuntu to Fedora to Red Hat back to Ubuntu then Fedora again where I stayed loyal for about 2 years.

Then a few annoying things started to happen:

  • Dropbox wouldn’t autostart or sometimes crashed and I wouldn’t realize of this because the icon tray can only be setup with Gnome shell extensions.
  • The volume wouldn’t go to the lowest side. It would go completely silent about 25% to the left of the middle point. I played with Pipewire for a while but couldn’t fix this.
  • Taking a class at Gatech that required VirtualBox to complete the assignments. It was running fine but one day it stopped working. I spent many hours trying to troubleshoot VBox but it just didn’t work anymore.

Then I installed Ubuntu from scratc