Twitter Growth Hacking Skills With Twitter CLI

You need to learn these advanced Twitter Growth Hacking tips. This can increase your competitive advantage.

Why would people stop following you on Twitter?

  • You tweeted something too cute
  • You tweeted something not cute
  • They woke up in a bad mood
  • Their dog unfollowed you

You could simply ask:

Hey buddy, why did you unfollow me?

They could reply.

Or they could not.

An embarrassing moment. For them and for you:

They reply and they apologize. Yet, they don’t follow you back.

You can use Crowdfire for a lot of Twitter Growth Hacking things

    • Find your Non Followers
    • Your fans
    • Recent unfollowers
    • Recent followers
    • Inactive following
    • Copy followers
    • Friend check
    • Automatically send DM to new followers (those annoying DMs)
Yep. Almost 1,500 people do not follow me. Whatev
Yep. Almost 1,500 people do not follow me. Whatev

Guess what. You can use Twitter CLI to do even more advanced Growth Hacking things on Twitter

It comes with a big barrier of entry.

Do you watch Game of Thrones?

Big barriers of entry for advanced Twitter Growth Hacking skills. Which is good.
Big barriers of entry for advanced Twitter Growth Hacking skills. Which is good.

Twitter CLI is a command line interface program that allows you to interact with your Twitter account using the command line.

I lost half the visitors here :(
I lost half the visitors here 🙁

If you didn’t run away scared, you have 3 options:

      • You know some coding and you will just get it
      • You don’t know any coding but willing to learn
      • You don’t know any coding and you just left

Requirements for advanced Twitter Growth Hacking

      1. You need to have Ruby (the programming language) installed
      2. Install Twitter CLI Ruby gem
      3. Have an application registered on Twitter Developer
      4. Must have some knowledge of the command line

1. Installing Ruby

Follow this guideline to Install Ruby on Ubuntu.

If you have Windows. Install Ruby on Windows.

Windows doesn’t have a good terminal interface. You need to install Cygwin.

2. Install Twitter CLI ruby gem

If you already have Ruby up and running.

If you don’t. Feel free to post your comment with full error details. I could help you out.

Now you can install Twitter CLI.

And it’s as simple as:

gem install t

3. Register an application on Twitter Developer

As explained in the Configuration of Twitter CLI:

Go to Twitter Application Management


using your Twitter account

Click on Create New App


Fill out the form


Go to Permissions and set Access to “Read, Write and Access direct messages”


Authorize your Twitter account with your mobile phone. Go to: Towards the bottom it should have a “Phone” listed.

Go to the command line and type this code

t authorize

This will send you to an URL to authorize the application

You should have some knowledge of the command line

If you already installed Ruby and Twitter CLI…you know a lot about the command line already.

You just need to learn some Basic Unix Commands.

Advanced Growth Hacking Twitter

With Twitter CLI you can do the following:

Get a list of all available commands

t help

Look at all of those commands. yum!
Look at all of those commands. yum!

Send a tweet from the command line

The moment of truth….drum roll…

t update "I am tweeting from the command line using @sferik Ruby gem. So awesome"

Get details about a Twitter user

Been on Twitter for 5 years. Twitter has been online for 9. I wonder what I did for 4.
Been on Twitter for 5 years. Twitter has been online for 9. I wonder what I did for 4.

Unfollow everyone you follow who doesn’t follow you back

This was basically the main future of JustUnfollow. Now Crowdfire.

t leaders | xargs t unfollow

If you want to know more about this code you should learn what these do:



Go to this article on Wikipedia to learn more about “|”. Pipelines on Unix.

Why Do People Stop Following You?

Crowdfire and this way of social media thinking is completely wrong:

Unfollow people that don’t follow you back.

If you followed me and I am on vacation. 3 days later you unfollowed me. This is just stupid.

You followed a lot of people and never interacted with any of them.

This is why you have Lists!

Create a List of People That Don’t Follow You

Count the number of people that you follow that don’t follow you back:

t leaders | wc -l

In my case the result was 1819

Now create a Twitter list:

t list create NameoftheList

Add those people to the list. Keep in mind that it might stuck up to 500 users. Just wait a few minutes and try it again.

Go on twitter and check that the list was created, refresh the page until you see all your users added to the list.

t leaders | xargs t list add NameoftheList

Interact with Those Users and build relationships

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