11 Lessons Learned from Twitter Automation

Lesson 1: If you autolike time it between 5min to 1day. Otherwise it looks like spam

Lesson 2: If you really need to autolike and hope people will follow…this strategy is overused.

Lesson 3: If you really really need to autolike and you don’t follow…you will get blocked…by my bot.

Lesson 4: If you autoDM…just stop. Unless you can personalize your DM.

Lesson 5: If you autoDM and it says via crowdfire…just stop that. Stop!

Lesson 6: If you must really really autoDM don’t ask to join your super exclusive network

Lesson 7: If you must really really really autoDM don’t say this is an automated DM

Lesson 8: If you must really autoDM don’t sell me something or start with the word FREE

Lesson 9: If you must really autoDM don’t say “great minds think alike”…blocked.

Lesson 10: If you must really autoDM don’t say “here is a link about blablabla”

Lesson 11: If you autoDM “uses TrueTwit validation” please quit Twitter now!

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