How To Find A Software Developer Job

This is a guideline on how to find a software developer job.

When a recruiter posts on Linkedin that he/she is looking for a software developer.

Most comments are “Please review my profile”.

Other comments are:


“Interested in software development”

“Kindly review my profile”

Here is the problem:

Most recruiters post jobs on Linkedin. And they expect that people apply to those. Once they review enough, they won’t review more applications even if the jop posting is still open.

Some recruiters also post an update on Linkedin without the URL to the job posting just to see who comments. A lot of people reply “Please review my profile”. They review some. Just a few recruiters take the time to reply to comments.



Look at this example about a software development job for Amazon

please review my profile


A recruiter posted this for a software development job for Amazon.

It has 1,515 comments!

It was posted 4 weeks ago. And every day it gets at least 10 more comments.

Guess to how many job seekers the author replied to:





The answer is 0.

Guess to how many job seekers the author “Liked” their comment:





The answer again is 0.

Guess how many profiles the author reviewed.

Actually I don’t have the answer. But I would estimate that less than 10%.

If everybody is answering just “Review my profile” then what are the chances that the author will really review your profile?

I will say the same chances as Scarlett Johansson calling me today.

It’s not an Amazon problem.

I have seen another Amazon recruiter reply to every single comment.

I think it depends on the recruiter.



we all know what happens when you google about recruiters.

Recruiters are:


All really negative words.

Looking at the data of people that replied. I estimate that at least 90% of them require sponsorship.

That means that 1,363 job seekers require sponsorship.

Given the current political situation with Visa sponsorship. It’s often easier for companies to hire those that don’t require sponsorship.

What does this mean for those that require sponsorship?

That the chances of recruiters to “review your profile” are reduced…even more.

Now it’s like if Scarlett Johansson and Michael Pitt called me today inviting me to see Ghost in the Shell…with them.

The only way to improve this finding-a-job/finding-a-developer experience is to make a better effort from both sides.

Learn tech recruiter insights in this article about how to become a better tech recruiter.



How to be a better developer

From the technical point of view most know how to be a better developer. Learn new technologies, study a lot, write better code, meet innovators, go to conferences, get inspired.

Developers are like surgeons.

I have a 2nd-degree uncle who is a surgeon.

After spending 10 years in med school. Every year he goes to a conference. Every year he studies and publishes papers. Every day he is trying to get up to date and learn more.

If you are a developer and you are not learning something new every day. Then you become outdated. I still see Cobol developers that remain being Cobol developers.

Stackoverflow published a 2017 report on technology.

Here is a screenshot of the most popular programming languages.

top programming languages


The top 10 programming languages are:


Cobol is not even in the top 20.

I read this on Quora “many current coders do not see themselves doing programming work in the Cobol language. In a way I suppose you could view it as hurting your resume”.

As far as I know banks invested a lot of money in Cobol over the last decades and a lot of the backend is this massive spagetti of code that not a lot of people know how it works.

This is just like that space movie with Clint Eastwood.

But having Cobol as your main programming language in this cloud age. Probably means that you are irrelevant. Unless you are selling your skills to very specific people.



How can you become a better job seeker without being a marketer?

Wikipedia says that marketing is “study and management of exchange relationships”.


Wikipedia says that relationship is “a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people”.

It says that marketing is the management of strong connections between two or more people.

Commenting “please review my profile” on Linkedin, is not enough.

Applying for all jobs, is not enough.

Having just a resume, is not enough.

Some technical recruiters will become better recruiters and marketers. Some just won’t.

As a job seeker how do you stand out?

If 1,515 commented on a Linkedin “job post” that was published 4 weeks ago. How can you stand out?

Talking to some developers. They mentioned that they try connecting with the recruiter or send an Inmail to the recruiter.

I get the same. Sometimes I get 10 Linkedin messages per day. Sometimes I cannot reply to most or any of them right away.



Salesforce said that it takes 6 to 8 touches to generate a viable sales lead

I lied.

It turns out that to be a better job seeker you need to study marketing.

There is no excuse for “I am not a marketer”. You just have to become one.

And if you don’t know how. Then find out. Study. Hustle.

How many times do job seekers followup with recruiters?

I estimated that on average. Job seekers followup only once.

1 time.

But salesforce says that it takes 6 to 8 times to generate a “qualification”.

Should you ask “please review my profile” 6 to 8 times?

The answer is no.

What are you “selling”?

Having a marketing background. Is not enough to bring a lot of traffic to a website if people don’t like what you are selling.



Sell the job skills they are looking for

In the quest of becoming a better developer marketer, you can do a few things:

  • Keep a technical blog
  • Distribute your blog content everywhere
  • Ask other developers to review your content and ask them to add a comment.
  • Go to conferences and meet other developers not just sit on your laptop or pretend to be on your phone.
  • Connect on Linkedin with possible hiring managers and send them your content.
  • Followup with hiring managers 6 to 8 times about the content. Did they like it or not. Give you feedback. Add a comment.
  • After they give you feedback. Close the deal. Ask for a job.
  • Then followup about the job until they give you feedback.

Obviously it wouldn’t make sense to send Java content to a hiring manager that is looking for Python.

Have a strategy for creating content:

Find the companies you want to work for
Find the jobs they are looking for
Write content about this technology
Follow steps to become a better marketer.



If you are developer and if any of the above helps or not. Please comment below

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