Creativity Starts With A Sound

I used to play the bass in bands.

I also know some drums, guitar, piano, sax.

I am not proficient at reading music. I play by ear.

If I hear any song. I could play it on the bass. Although I still cannot play jazz.

Through the years I learned that creativity starts with a sound.

This concept can be used not only for music but for anything you can imagine.

How Jazz Musicians Name Songs

Most jazz songs don’t have lyrics.

I always wondered how jazz musicians name songs.

The Fake Book is a famous compilation of Jazz Standards.

Donna Lee and Giant Steps are in this book.

This is Donna Lee

Why is this song called “Donna Lee”. Who is Donna Lee?

Perhaps the song is about running with Donna Lee.

This is Giant Steps

Why is it called “Giant Steps”?

Perhaps by looking at the music sheet. The songs starts with some big notes apart from each other. Playing 1/4 note on each measure. But then it goes fast.

Perhaps it means walking down a hill. The first steps are big and wide and as you keep going down you walk faster up to the point of running.

Interstellar Starts With A Sound

I love soundtracks because they are similar to jazz songs.

What’s the right song that goes with the right scene?

Interstellar is one of those apocalyptic space movies that keeps you on the edge.

The whole soundtrack is based on a sound.

A clock.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

If you listen carefully all the songs have some sort of clock.

Why a clock?

Because the main concept in the movie is time.

This is one of those scenes

The whole song is based on a clock.

The organ follows a clock.

Every instrument follows the clock.

Creativity Starts with a Sound

A sound could also be an emotion, a moment or a basic idea.

How would you implement this concept to anything?

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