How To Become A Better Tech Recruiter

This is a guideline on how to become a better tech recruiter.

Most tech recruiters know what they get when they google about recruiters.

Recruiters are:


The best way to improve the finding-a-job/finding-a-developer experience is to make a better effort from both sides.



How to be a better tech recruiter

On my Linkedin I have a lot of recruiters and a lot of developers.

Those recruiters in the tech domain come with many titles:

Technical Recruiter
Tech Recruiter
Talent Recruiter
Talent Sourcer
Talent Ninja
Talent Hacker

I estimate that less than 5% have a technical background.

I fall into this 5%

When I talk to developers they are surprised to hear that I actually know what I am talking about 🙂

I took Java. But I am not a Java developer. I have done some Ruby and Python. I enjoy developing products and learning about technology. I spend most of nights ingesting technical data because I find it amusing.

Liking the technology at such level is not for everybody though.

I spent 6 years of my life studying technology. Spent endless nights in computer labs studying circuits and learning how computers worked. While some were partying on the weekend. I studied solid state design, logic gates, neural networks.

Later in life I went to a Ruby on Rails bootcamp. Spent 3 months learning mostly Rails. Built a few prototypes. Learned more about MVC, Object Oriented design, pair programming, refactoring, agile, TDD, github, cloud computing, heroku, test cases, automation, lean startup.

If I was a geek before. I became geeker 🙂

I am currently studying more about predictive analytics, python, machine learning, tableau, bash and a few more technologies.


While I enjoy watching Netflix sometimes. I enjoy learning even more.



How can you become a better technical recruiter without being an engineer?

1. Spend 30 minutes every day reading tech news. Just google “tech news” and stick to a few websites.

You will learn about software, hardware, machine learning, internet of things aka IoT, the future of tech, etc.


2. Spend 30 minutes every day reading hacker news. Google “hacker news” and go to the first result.

Hacker news is a good source of very technical information. Even if you don’t understand any of it. Just read it. Over the weeks you will start connecting the dots between “tech news” and “hacker news”.


3. Take tech courses online.

Lookup a few courses online about software development that teaches how to build a web app from scratch.



How can you become a better technical recruiter without being a marketer?

Wikipedia says that marketing is “study and management of exchange relationships”.

This is a pretty neat definition.


Wikipedia says that relationship is “a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people”.

It doesn’t says that marketing is spamming, or google ads, or selling or social networking.

It says that marketing is the management of strong connections between two or more people.

I don’t know about you but I find this very interesting.

As a tech recruiter how can I build stronger connections?

Not just twitter followers. That’s not enough.

Not just people commenting on your Linkedin updates. That’s not enough.

Not just Instagram likes. That’s not enough.

We need to build stronger connections.

Recruiters are people.

Developers are people.

As a recruiter you should always see developers as people and not as numbers.

Build stronger connections with developers.

Learn software developer insights in this article about how to find a software developer job.



If you are tech recruiter and if any of the above helps or not. Please comment below

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