13 Sales Secrets To Learn From People Cold Calling You

I used to be this person. Someone would call me about some service and I would tell them to take me off their list.

If you think about it…

Talking with sales people is free education.

They go through the process of cold calling, try to convince the gatekeeper to go to you, when they get to you, they explain their product and go about all their strategies to get you to accept some type of deal. By the end of the call, you have two options, accept or reject the offer.

Maybe taking a sales call for the purpose of learning is not a bad experience.

It reminds me of the guy from the Boiler Room.

Be careful about the sales calls you take

Be careful when talking to people you don’t know. Some people call from real companies, selling a real product. Some other people are just the scum of the earth asking you to send money to the cousin’s girlfriend’s uncle’s of the prince of Nigeria.

With that being said. I usually take calls from companies I know. If I don’t know who they are I politely say:

I don’t know your company and I am not allowed to give any information over the phone. Please let me know your email so I can contact you.

If they agree, then take their email. If they counterattack and ask for your email, it is up to you to give away your email.

From my own trial and error I realized that if they don’t want to give up their email or website, then they sound shady and you have to get off the phone ASAP.

Take Notes

Whenever you take a sales call be ready to take some notes. This is your chance to record valuable lessons that you can reapply to your experience.

Are you wasting the seller’s time?

It depends. Are you interesting on their product? Even if it is a remote possibility?

If I already know who they are or had some little time to confirm who they are while on the phone. Then I let them pitch me.

If the product is of my interest, even if there is a remote possibility, I ask questions.

How is this different from X Product?

(if I can assume who their competition is)

If they counterattack and say they are not like X Product.

Who is your competitor?

If they say they don’t have competitors, they are either junior sales that simply were not trained well or hardcore sales that don’t care about your questions.

If they explain how they can compare to their competitors. Then you have the “Educator Sales Person”.

If you are really not interested, when there is not one remote possibility in the future, then you should politely say that you are not interested and just get off the phone.

Sales Secrets From People Cold Calling You

These are 13 sales secrets to learn from people cold calling you.

The Junior Sales Person

They are eager to sell you, they sound nervous and their answers usually don’t go beyond what sounds to be a script they seem to be reading. The usually don’t go overboard explaining the details of their product, since they were not trained well enough or they are just too new at their current job.

What you can learn

1. Learn from their mistakes.

2. Learn how to get from nervous to confident

3. Listen to their voice pitch, sound and the way they pronounce the words.

4. See if you can find out where they are from, see if they build some rapport

5. Let them explain the product and hear their reaction to your first NO

6. Find out if they are an “Educator Sales Person”

The Hardcore Sales Person

This type of sales person doesn’t care about you or your problem. You are just another quota to meet. If you ask them something they act like they are superior and use a lot of lingo assuming that you know the same keywords he knows.

What you can learn

7. How to trick someone into saying yes to yes/no questions

8. How to talk fast

9. How to use a lot of lingo

10. How to use the “ask a question and just shut up to wait for the other person to reply”, just like in the boiler room, a power play to show that you are an inferior insect that can be crushed at any time.

I got this call from a company that calls all the time. After I said no so many times. The sales person transferred me to his sales manager that said:

It looks like you want to lose money

The Educator Sales Person

This is my favorite type of sales person. I also call them the “Inbound Marketing Sales Person”.

This is the type of person that goes overboard explaining their process and their product. They are not afraid of telling you who is their competitor. The know all the details of their market, the tech specs, the ROI and they are patient at spending time with you over the phone.

They usually don’t try to sell you over the phone. Instead they want to send you information by email to “lead nurture” you so you can understand that you really need their product.

What you can learn

11. How to lead nurture over the phone and by email

12. How to sound like you know all the answers, aka “sound confident”

13. How to pitch a little bit of everything

Not every sales person is an educator

The term “Inbound Marketing” is the foundation of social marketing. Educate consumers so they can learn the benefits of the product and realize that such product is worth buying.

It doesn’t meet the traditional corporate sales education.

If you take a sales call and there is a slight chance that you are interested on their product, then you should try to play the game by the rules of the “Educator Sales Person”.

Ask questions to test the type of sales profile that they have.

Take a sales call and learn

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