Facebook Saved Audience Limits

Facebook Saved Audience Issues

  • My saved audience won’t save
  • Unable to save my audience in power editor
  • When I save my audience it doesn’t apply the changes

If you have any of these issues it might be due to the limitations of Saved Audience.

25 Countries Limit

Say that you want to target Spanish speaking countries. There is not a target for “Latin America”. You have to enter each country manually.

But there are more than 25 Spanish speaking countries.

For saved audiences you can only target up to 25 countries.

Which means that if you have 26 and you save your “Saved Audience” it will either not save or disregard the changes.

You will be hitting your head against the wall and think that this is a Facebook issue.

Assuming that you are managing ads the right way and using Power Editor.

  1. Go to Power Editor
  2. Audiences
  3. Top right green button Create Audience
  4. Saved Audience

When it’s time to select your target countries, make sure you are below 25.

200 States, 250 Cities, 2500 Zip Codes

Not sure why you would use so many states or cities…or zip codes.

But this is another limitation.

Maybe if you target something like: Spanish speaking cities with a population greater than X number.

Then you might have a lot of cities. But this is a very large segment that could be redefined in a different way.

Recommendations for Saved Audiences Limits

Save often.

You could add segments and subsegments and spend an hour adding your targets. You save and nothing happens.

There is no undo or go back or recover my changes.

If you save and nothing happens you just wasted a lot of time.

Save often

I save every 5 minutes of work.

Manual to Automated

Saved Audiences will save you a lot of time.

You need to set them up manually the first time but then you can reuse your segments in your Ads with one click.

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