Gordon Gekko recommends to close Twitter Freemium. If you need a friend, get a tweet

Twitter Business Model And The End of Freemium

**Warning: Stop reading if you don’t use Twitter** Now that Dick Costolo is stepping down. Twitter might close Freemium forever. Most of you read the Twitter book. Sounds like the Facebook movie. Without the Nine Inch Nails soundtrack. Twitter valuation is at $40 billion? In 2014 the company lost $578 million. Stock went 25%. They […]

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Vim with Wordpress and Tmux

Vim With WordPress And Tmux

I have used a lot of blogging platforms, WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr, Octopress…etc. The ones I liked the most are Octopress and WordPress. Octopress Octopress is a little bit different. The platform is based on static pages, there is no database, therefore is very simple and fast. Although it requires some coding skills. Octopress Worflow My […]

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How to Improve Your Startup Success

I am one of the organizer of the Miami Lean Startup Circle. The objective of this group is to educate wantrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and stubbornpreneurs in the art of lean startup. Many of us have great ideas for projects, startups and businesses. We are constantly tinkering and coming up with solutions to problems. These are 6 […]

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Octopress Tutorial to Create a Github Blog

In this short Octopress tutorial you will learn how to create a Github blog. Summary Install Octopress Setup Github Pages Add remote repository Review git branches Preview on development Deploy to Github Create posts in development and deploy Add a custom domain Environment Ruby 1.9.2p320. MAC OSX 10.9. Vim. iTerm2 Prerequisites Install Ruby, git Have […]

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